These gadgets can be perfect presents for anyone

The variety of gadgets available on the present market is very large and there are many products which can be found useful by absolutely anyone. Certainly, the time for looking for presents is coming before Christmas, so you might find this list of ideas particularly useful right now.

A smartphone holder

Having a smartphone with a camera of a great quality is one of the reasons to use it for creating amazing photos and videos. If you know a person who is particularly crazy about making such content or may be he or she is aiming to create professional content for a blog, a special smartphone holder will be a perfect too for such a person.

Do not think that such a device is designed exclusively for making selfies. In the reality it is a way more convenient to hold a smartphone while recording a video or making a photo with the help of such a holder.

If you are already interested in purchasing one, you should pay your attention to DJI Osmo Mobile 5. This one is very convenient for holding and is also compact when it comes to carrying it inside a bag. It is particularly useful for recording videos. The device can even move while detecting the movement of an object which is being recorded.

A portable battery

Portable batteries are no longer anything new to the users of various electronic gadgets. These devices storing energy which can be used for charging various electronics in the situation where there is no electricity supply are extremely useful. Of course, people who travel a lot or spend a lot of time outside home will find such devices especially useful, however, there are many other situations in which one might need such a device.

What is now new on the market are particularly powerful portable batteries which can hold a way more energy than conventional ones. One of the best examples of such devices is Baseus Blade which has a capacity of 20 000 mAh. The total power of this battery is up to 100 W.

As you can imagine, you can use this device not only for charging your smartphone or a table computer but also an entire laptop. There are two USB-A ports as well as two USB-C ports. Undeniably, a crucial feature of such a device is the time needed for charging it. You might assume it will require hours for charging since it has such a large capacity. Actually, if you use a charger of 65 W, the device will be full in 90 minutes. You will be able to see all the necessary information about the condition of the device on a small screen which displays the amount of energy left, the time as well as the power of charging.

An external hard drive

Modern laptops and desktop computers are equipped into SSD disks which are particularly efficient when it comes to the work with data. Still, such elements are rather costly therefore many computer users resign from a large memory capacity for the sake of having a modest SSD disk. This is a smart approach though, especially, since external hard drives with a quite large memory capacity can now be purchased for a very affordable price.

Some of these drives are particularly useful since they are also equipped into a special protection for data stored there. One of the best examples of the gadgets of such a type is WD My Passport. This device is offered with different memory capacity which can be up to several terabytes. WD My Passport is a perfect alternative to a cloud back up option which is using third party services for storing your information. Such a gadget will be perfect for both people working with confidential information as well as people who just want to store their photos and videos on their own device rather than in the cloud storage.

WD My Passport will allow a person to get access to the data only after providing a password. This device will also guarantee you fast processing of information.