How can you keep your laptop clean?

Keeping your laptop computer clean is essential not only because it is not pleasant to work on a computer with a dusted screen and a keyboard filled with food crumbs. There are more other reasons for doing it and this article will tell you more on the importance and cleaning as well as the exact guidance how you can do it.

Why is it crucial to clean your laptop?

So you can guess it is aesthetically pleasing to work with a clean laptop. Still, it is only one of the reasons to keep the device neat.

It is crucial to clean the surfaces of this device, especially the keyboard for the sake of your health. According to the studies, the average amount of microorganisms residing on computer keyboard is larger than the number residing on an average toilet seat. On top of that, unlike a toilet seat which is rarely touched by your hands, you are using your keyboard exactly with your fingers.

Moreover, food crumbs stuck between keys or underneath them can even make it impossible for you to use such a device. Indeed, it can be rather difficult as keys stop working properly. For example, pressing a button can cause typing the symbols located on several nearby keys at the same time.

Finally, the internal space of your laptop also requires cleaning since this device is rather prone to getting dusty inside. It is particularly crucial to clean it if you are making a common mistake by using your laptop in the bed and generally on textile surfaces. As you can imagine, this makes pieces of threads and other dust get inside the device which prevents the fens of your laptop from working in the way they are supposed to. As a result, your computer is getting overheated.

How can you clean the keyboard?

It is recommended to turn your computer off and turn it upside down. In such a way, shake it delicately a couple of times which should help you to get rid of some of the pieces of food stuck there. However, it might not be enough and you may need further cleaning.

You can try a gentle mode of a vacuum cleaner for cleaning the device. Finally, it is recommended to use a wet tissue for wiping the remains of dirt. You should use a special tissue rather than making a regular piece of cloth wet and cleaning your laptop. This will help you to avoid making your laptop too wet.

How can you clean the screen

The easiest way is to purchase special wet tissues for computer screens, however, it is not required. You can make do with a simple solution of vinegar and distilled water mixed in a proportion 1:1. Of course, you will not need a large amount of the mixture. Make just a bit of it, enough for making the cloth slightly wet.

It is better to use a cotton cloth for this purpose rather than paper tissues which can easily leave some remains on the screen.

Do not use any aggressive substances for cleaning the screen of your laptop. For example, you should never use acetone or other solvents for this purpose.

How can you clean the inside of your laptop?

Unless you have some expertise in such a task, it is not recommended to clean the inside space of your laptop on your own. You can accidentally damage some parts. It is better to use the professional service, however, you should also be attentive to the expiration date of the warranty for your computer. If there is still some time before its expiration, you should withhold from cleaning it in any other places than the official service centre for the devices of the brand you ae using. This is so since cleaning your laptop will require opening it and this deactivates warranty.

Whether cleaning the fens is needed or not will be pretty apparent as you will hear a characteristic noise coming form your laptop. The device can also start getting overheated easily.