Cleaning the registry of your system

We are all so well acquainted with he notion of how a computer system works and how to operate it  so well. But things get a little fuzzy when it comes down to taking care of your computer by maintaining and optimising it. Without these considerations ran often, you will run into laggy or slow system performance which no one of us likes.

We are going to share some of the common measurements you can take to keep your personal computer running in good health.

In this articles we are going to talk about some more aspects of optimising you system for good.

System’s registry

We will start with maintaining registry. So what is a registry? I mean we all know what the term refers to but what does the Windows operating system register?

Windows OS registry is a massive database. Each and every time you make changes to a programme, system configurations etc. All of these are stored here and it is easy to understand, however you might be wondering why it has to be cleaned out?

Why should you use a special tool for cleaning your registry?

Over time the registry becomes huge! Most of the time it is filled with unnecessary data that we do not even need and serves no purpose. In that case, we need to clean the registry.

Disappointing as it may be, Windows operating system does not provide you with any such tools to take care of the registry and clean it out for you. In that case, you can do it manually by going into the registry. But beware, you do not want to mess with registry directly like that.

If you do, there is a 99% chance you will screw it up unless you have such extensive knowledge of working directly with a registry. In this case, assuming you don’t, best would be to lean on one of the third party software to do these tasks for you.

Which tool can you choose for cleaning the system’s registry?

One of personal favourite of lot of techs in the industry is the CC cleaner by Piriform. This piece of software is one of the oldest and trusted cleaners for the PC dating back as much as 2003. With this, you are able to easily clean up the unwanted files and registry without you having to manually clean up them.

What should you keep in mind?

One of the core things to remember before you go and wipe out the entire registry, Microsoft make huge changes to the registry with every version of Windows you are updating. In order to save you from any potential dangers, make sure you install the correct cleaner for your system architecture. If it is a 64 bit Windows, download a 64 bit Windows supported software. If it is 32 bit Windows which comes in as ‘x86’, download for that. This way you won’t screw things up.