The best places on the Internet to listen to music for free

If you are one of the people who are not particularly willing to spend money on such music services as Spotify or Google Music, you might be looking for alternatives which will allow you to enjoy your favourite music or explore new one free of charge. This article will give you a couple of useful ideas.

YouTube and New Pipe

Needless to say, YouTube is the first service the majority of people is reaching when they want to listen to some music they do not have downloaded on their devices. You are certainly aware of the fact there tons of music available on YouTube and the service is pretty convenient while used on your desktop computer.

Still, if you have ever tried to listen to music on YouTube using your mobile device, you have come across an obstacle. Unfortunately, the possibility if using YouTube as a source of background music is available exclusive for desktop computers. If you try doing it on your mobile phone or a tablet computer, you will find the official YouTube app blocking such a function. Actually, it is available to the users, however, one will have to purchase Premium access to the app.

Yet, not everyone knows that there a special app designed for YouTube which will extend the original app with a variety of useful functions. For example, it can not only turn on the music in the background mode, but it will also stream only the sound without video if you want which will decrease the amount of traffic consumed by this app. In fact, New Pipe generally does not consume too much traffic which is making it very useful for portable device relying on mobile Internet. With this app, you can also create your own playlists in a more convenient way.


If you are looking for a gigantic collection of music including compositions which are not available anywhere else on the Internet, you should check SoundCloud.

If you have never used this service, you will certainly like the variety of music available here which includes not only popular musicians but also independent artists who have not published their music anywhere else. In addition to it, the service also has a collection of soundtracks created for films and games.

Another great advantage of this service is an advanced system of tags allowing you to easily find compositions you will really enjoy to listen to. There is also a possibility to set personalised playlists according to your preferences.

In order to listen to the music through SoundCloud, you do not have to register, however, if you want to use the recommendation system of the website, create music playlists and be able to communicate with other users, you will need to create an account on SoundCloud.


While the two services for listening to music online are well-known to the majority of people, there is one more great place to enjoy music for free using your smartphone. Providing you are looking for a service which will allow you to explore music and download it in an MP3 format, you should check Jamendo.

For your convenience, music is divided into a number of categories on Jamendo which will help you to find the music of the genres you really love. Jamendo is a free service for individual users and it does not require any registration, however, if you want to use the music available on Jamendo commercially, for example, in your restaurant, you will have to pay for it.

By the way, there is also a separate mode for artistsĀ  who can even earn some money with Jamendo.

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