Installing your first code editor

If you are interested in becoming a developer, made up your mind about your future career and are all set and ready to take off, you are in the right place. Here we will take a look at some of the basic stuff we need to get started on our way to becoming a web developer.

What do you need for entering the web development industry?

Notice, this is not something that is done in a day or even in a month. This is a path of constant learning and discipline which will help you to get there faster than others do who do not study and practise regularly.

One of the greatest concerns of people with no experience in programming is the requirements when it comes to learning web development. To progress with your learning web development, you need a low budget PC which is suffice enough to get you started, a stable Internet connection and a code editor.

Which code editor should you pick?

There is a plenty of code editors out on the market. You will find these programmes both free and paid. You can look them up and choose the one that you prefer, however, you should know many free editors are absolutely enough not only for educational purposes but also for your future professional projects. If you are looking for the one and struggling to make a decision because of a too great variety of editors available, you can stick to Visual Studio Code offered by Microsoft.

This article will show you setting up of the developer environment exactly using Visual Studio Code.

What is Visual Studio Code?

To be precise, Visual Studio Code by Microsoft is not just a mere text editor which can be used for writing your code. It has an integrated developer environment, which is to say a kind of an all-in-one package for the developers. Go to Google, look for Visual Studio Code and download it. Make sure you download the version that suits your PC’s system architecture, for example, download a 32-bit version or 64-bit version respectively. Do not forget to look for the exact version compatible with your operating system. If you are on a Mac computer, you will need to download the Mac version. The same goes for other operating systems whether you are using Linux or Windows.

Set your Visual Studio Code

When the installation process is done, go ahead and open the editor.

Upon opening up, the whole user interface may look too intimidating but do not let it ward you off. Take a deep breath, you got this. It looks so only because you have never coded before and are not familiar with the functionality of the programme, however, starting with the process will show you the interface of Visual Studio Code is very user-friendly.

Before you click and navigate away, take a moment to register the whole interface inside your brain and guess, what purpose each section or button may serve. Once you are done guessing and processing your first impression, straight go ahead and explore the programme in the way you want. Among other functions, you will also find an integrated tutorial as well. You can explore the tutorial for getting better understanding of the code editor which you might be using for your studies and work in the future.