4 BEST Chromecast Apps for Google TV in 2021

Many individuals purchase a Chromecast to watch movies and listen to music. Exactly do you know there is a slew of free Chromecast applications for Android that allow you to stream a variety of different things? Photos, movies, music, and maps may all be sent to your Chromecast. To convert your TV into a powerful entertainment device, we compiled a list of the top Chromecast applications.


BubbleUPnP is a program that enables you to broadcast your media across your home. It works with most modern gaming systems and Roku, Chromecast, mobile devices, tablets, and other devices. As a result, you’ll be able to cast your pictures, TV programs, movies, and music to almost any WiFi-enabled device in your house. It also has cloud support. This implies you can use your Chromecast to cast content from Google Drive and other services. It was one of the Chromecast must-haves. You may try it out for free without paying $4.69 for the professional version.

Web Videocast

People often record videos on their phones, and they typically only watch them on the phone or after uploading them to a computer. Wouldn’t it be great if you could broadcast those films to your Chromecast and share them with your friends and family?

It’s as simple as clicking the navigation icon on the upper-left side of the program and choosing Phone files with Web Video Cast. The video files on your phone may then be browsed and streamed to your Chromecast device.


The enormous Spotify collection of material is what most people think of when they think of Spotify. They conceive of music streaming or podcasts. However, did you realize that you can connect your Spotify mobile app to your Chromecast and stream music to your TV? It’s simple to set this up. Link to a device by going to Your Library > Settings gear > Connect to a device. You’ll see it in the list of linked devices if you have an operational Chromecast device on your network. To cast Spotify music to your TV, tap the gadget. You may download your favorite songs to your smartphone locally if you have a premium Wallet address. Even if you don’t have an internet connection, you can use Bluetooth to play music to your Chromecast devices.


MediaMonkey is the finest choice for streaming your local music to Chromecast. Even though it does not maintain the icon on the home page like most others, the app supports it and does a great job. To access the cast option, use the 3-dot menu button. In any case, we enjoy MediaMonkey a lot. Although the music app lacks the most up-to-date UI components, it is beneficial. The big bargain is the desktop client integration, which is as close to an iTunes syncing experience as Android has ever come. The desktop software also supports streaming to devices on the same network, which may be more convenient in some instances. In either event, MediaMonkey is very strong if you don’t tolerate the outdated user interface.